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How To Become A Master Life Hacker

Tips techniques, tools, and shortcuts to living your best life.

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The term was originally used by computer experts who suffered from information overload or those with a playful curiosity in the ways they might accelerate their workflow in ways other than programming. Today it is a common term within the prepper, thrift, freegan, survivalist, and intentional living communities

The concept of life hacking became important in my daily life when it became clear to me that strategizing and finding short-cuts in solving problems, was a quality that seems to define virtually all human behavior.

Wise strategizing offers us ways to maximize untapped potential and helps us to do so at the lowest possible physical, emotional, and economic cost.


Young millennials are very familiar with life hacking, but they may not be familiar with linking applied game theory with lifehacking. I call this process a lifehack game because the type of thinking we learn on video games (gamer thinking), is ultimately the most effective, efficient, and productive way to find shortcuts to winning the game of life.

Looking for a short-cut is one thing; doing it by mimicking the thought and behavior patterns we learned and now exhibit when playing games, and solving puzzles, is something else altogether.

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Once we understand the behavior patterns that best reflect gamer thinking, the more we can prosper in all ways and things, at the lowest possible cost.

Prospering does not need to be defined in financial or material terms. It can relate to emotional well-being, clarity of thought, our relationships, and how we serve others. All of these benefits and short-cuts are actually life hacks in some way, shape, or form.

So what does it actually mean to be a life hacking game theorist?

It means that once we mature a bit, we will need to make wiser decisions in the game of life. In time, it soon becomes clear that much of life is driven by our beliefs concerning the past, present, or future.

This is fleshed out for us by strategic interactions we experience with other individuals or groups (players), in situations containing set rules, and outcomes. So a game theory life hack is the process of observing interactions, and modeling them to make effective decisions in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

In life, we often model or copy what we have experienced before. This process is known as “modeling” among game thinkers and life hackers. The best modeling strategies not only help us to “hack” and isolate problems, and discover solutions and new applications for those solutions.

A final thought

In an ideal world game theory, gamer thinking, and lifehacking would simply be a waste of time and energy.

Today, gamer thinking combined with life hacking will increasingly become the go-to skills for surviving and prospering in evermore challenging times

Author: Lewis Harrison is an Independent Scholar with a passion for knowledge, innovation, personal development, self-improvement, and problem-solving. He is the creator of Harrison’s Applied Game Theory. His website is AskLewisGameTheory.com

“I am always exploring trends, areas of interest, and solutions to build new stories upon. Again, if you have any ideas you would like me to write about, just email me at LewisCoaches@gmail.com”.

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