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The Mentoring, Results Coaching, Self-Improvement, Personal Development, and Self Help Courses You’ve Been Looking For..,


Are you experiencing emotional emptiness?

Are you seeking greater meaning in your life?

Are you materially successful but spiritually confused?

Are you spiritually aware but living in financial scarcity?

Are you shy or lonely and wish you had more friends or more fulfilling relationships?

Do you enjoy spiritual ideas, spiritually oriented teachers, and metaphysical ideas but are uncomfortable with religious dogma?


Are you consistently sad, unhappy, or depressed, and no matter how much you have tried you haven’t found a way to free yourself from these states?    


If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes,” then it may be time for you to explore one of Lewis “AskLewis” Harrison’s many customized Self-Improvement Courses  


Our courses offer…

A complete step-by-step A-Z blueprint for self-improvement and personal development and for creating a mindful, purposeful life. Here you will get all your important questions answered…


Are you tired of reading motivational and inspiration blogs that offer little or no information for personal guidance to get you to the next step now?   If you are ready to move forward read on. Hi, my name is Lewis “ask Lewis” Harrison, and I have spent most of my life teaching others (and myself) to be healthy, happy, wise, and financially abundant.


Here is the thing: you can change yourself right now or you can continue being unhappy, and unfulfilled,  flailing in the wind, confused, overwhelmed, and stressed to the bone.


The solution is basic. You just need the desired outcome, some strategic guidance, and a plan.


My two favorite sayings are…

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you have always gotten.”  

“You always get what you are willing to accept.”


These courses will help you change what you do and how you choose to be. It will help you morph into a happier and more content person.   If you are the type of person who often feels anger, apprehension, depression, frustration, fear, isolation, helplessness, and doesn’t have a way out of this emotional prison, then you need to explore are great courses. 



With today’s fast-paced, high-pressure, and chaotic life, most people are struggling to manage work, rest, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Our various online and interactive courses aim to help you develop skills that go beyond the common motivational and inspirational approach to finding happiness, success, and financial freedom. Our courses focus on the importance of consistently applying time-tested tips, techniques, tools, practices, and shortcuts to achieve, maintain, and sustain, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance and abundance. Our approach includes a lot of research and real-world examples from a wide range of situations. Here, you will learn strategies for managing your daily life, improving relationships, and exploring general and fundamental questions. Among these questions are those about existence, meaning, purpose, reason, knowledge, values, mind, wealth creation, and service to others.



Even if you have struggled with sadness and depression you will be surprised to learn how you have the power, as an individual, to make positive change for yourself and others.

You will understand the value of intention, mindfulness, and creative thinking. You will see what sets happy and successful individuals from those who suffer and struggle unnecessarily.


Are you a critical thinker who has a passion for ideas and understands the importance of being coached and mentored to shift the way your mind processes possibilities?





Our courses material includes video and written lessons, compelling case studies, film recommendations, and short quizzes to build your knowledge in each Course Module. You will have the opportunity to share your experiences and become involved in discussions with other students and peers in our Self-Improvement for Beginners Group and Forum. Here you can explore topics such as life satisfaction, mindfulness, strategic thinking, and flourishing well-being. Are you interested in exploring spiritual ideas, but are uncomfortable with religious dogma? In our course on living the spiritual life you will develop a work-life plan so you can apply spiritual, emotional, and the Lifehacking skills and strategies needed to better manage your responsibilities, without stress or attachment


Do Not Procrastinate!


Click on the success link below to learn about…

1. The Life Strategies Playbook Method Course and Mentoring Program.




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2. The Best Loving Spiritual Life Course





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3. The Best Course to Happiness…at Last 




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4. My Best Wealth Hacks A-Z



“I look forward to having you study with me.”






None of us can progress alone, without some skilled guidance. Are you looking for a mentor or a compassionate, results-oriented life coach? This would be a great gift to give yourself.

I’d love to work with you and help you to become more effective, efficient, productive, self-aware, and to create your “best life.”

Let’s schedule a 15-minute interview to determine how I can help you create a customized and personalized program for creating your best life. Email me at



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