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The Acclaimed Wisdom of the Tao te Ching Made Simple.




Q. Lewis, what is the tao te Ching and why is it important?

A. It is one of the most acclaimed books of philosophy, and spiritual inquiry ever written. It is filled with wisdom and clarity of thought

 Entry #59, which is discussed in this blog,  explores how we can guard the most sacred of places, our inner Qi – Tao

This Commentary is extracted from the “Course on Essential Taoism A-Z and Beyond” — A program based on the merging of 20 different English Translations of the Tao te Ching (from Mandarin to English) which I developed between 1972–2012.


This entry, Guarding Tao, addresses the subtle distinction between resignation and surrender in the game of life.

Many treat these words as being synonymous but they are not. To be resigned is often to “give up,” in a state of incompletion, and with a sense of failure. Often, one resigns from a point of view or some position as a result of pressure or to avoid unwanted consequences.




For the transparent Essential Taoist, surrender implies that an Awakened person completely gives up their own will while existing in a natural flow and rhythm that comes through the subjecting of their thoughts, ideas, and deeds to the teachings of Tao. To surrender here is to willfully accept and yield to Tao. This way of being is exactly what you are observing when you watch a bird fly on thermals, wings spread out, rising higher and higher but without any flapping movement. This takes place because the bird has surrendered with intention and has immersed itself in hot air as it rises up from lower to higher altitudes.

For the Essential Taoist, the first, and main principle of surrender is Dying to Self, or the emptying of self so the veil of ego may fall away and the authentic self may become present. This is an essential principle I teach in my seminars such as the one below.



Another principle central to the Taoist concept of surrender is the role of natural law through which Tao is expressed. Surrendering to Tao entails the surrender of our will to Tao and Te. Here the way of Tao, which is a reflection of our actual needs prevails over our wants. This is done through……

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