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“Missing Innocents”

by Santayana Rose

Missing Innocents by Santayana Rose


Missing Innocents is the memoir of Santayana Rose a member of the Executive Committee at RealUGuru.

It is the story of Mary and Irma. These two young women must survive imprisonment and torture from a military dictatorship. Their escape traps them once again, this time it is indoctrination in secret hideouts from Communist guerrillas.

Follow the journey of two extraordinary young women as they struggle to survive personal challenges and political turmoil with life threatening danger around every corner. Filled with tensions, contradictions, glory, terror, and an exploration of all the worst and best qualities of the human condition. This historical novel will tug on all your emotions from love to fear, sadness and joy. Join Irma and Mary on their journey.

Once you start reading the first sentence. It will be difficult to put this book down

Missing Innocents 291 Pages, $15.95 plus shipping

Santayana Rose is available to speak to your organization. For inquiries contact her at RealUGuru.com

Missing Innocents by Santayana Rose

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