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“How to Rule the World and Still Have People Like You: Game Theory Made Easy”

By Lewis Harrison

Life is a Game. If you don’t know how to play the game of life, then you are likely to struggle and suffer unnecessarily.

Game theory is a concept that has won over twelve Noble Prizes.  The life story of one of these Noble laureates – John Nash – was the subject of the Academy Award winning film, A Beautiful Mind.

Now for the first time ever, noted practical philosopher, teacher, and speaker, Lewis Harrison, will show you everything you need to know to apply game theory to your daily life and be more efficient, effective and productive in every way.

This book is written in a simple and easy to follow format. Filled with illustrations, it is designed to teach anyone, from nine to ninety, game theory,  using methods derived from the same early childhood reading programs that my teachers used when I was in the third and fourth

By applying what you learn in this book, you will be able to take all you know and have learned in your life by playing games and achieve great success. Whether you played simple childhood games like Tic-tac-toe and Rock-paper-scissors, or more sophisticated video games like Tetris and Minecraft, this book will teach you how to win the game of life. 338 Pages with Illustrations.

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