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The RealUGuru’s Tips, Techniques and Strategies for Creating Wealth & Success Through Bartering

by Lewis Harrison

Barter is an effective way to survive when cash is in short supply.  In the past it, was the way most people got what they needed. Imagine small village trading posts, where trappers trade in beaver pelts for dry goods and other essentials.  In the 21st century is a parallel economy with a private currency.  The Webster Dictionary of the English Language defines bartering as “trafficking or trading by exchanging one commodity for another (and not for money).” For many traditionally trained economists, barter is the world’s oldest buying/selling tool. It is a complex and often limited way for a business to expand without the involvement of cash.  You trade what you have for what you want. All these descriptions, excluding the one offered by the dictionary, have one thing in common- they recognize barter as a cashless form of money.

This eBook teaches you the fundamentals of creating wealth without cash.

Wealth & Success Through Bartering





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