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An Invitation from Lewis Harrison to Join and Contribute to His New Facebook Groups, and Also Get Access to More Diverse Articles, Blogs, and Videos



Recently I have been producing blogs, articles, and videos at such a rapid and expansive pace that it has been difficult for many people to keep up.


Right now I am daily:

  • Administering a new free Facebook Group called – Self Improvement for Beginners; (Join and contribute questions, ideas, quotes, and life hacks at https://www.facebook.com/groups/455029215769173)
  • Continuing my posts in the also free Mystic Taoism Facebook Group (Join and contribute at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1007277182635973)
  • Producing general daily articles on Personal Development at my official LewisHarrison.Substack.com Online Publishing Platform
  • Creating a paid subscriptions portal ($5. a month) for those interested in reading long-form articles on Life Strategies and Practical Passive Income -Business and Wealth tips. This is also at my LewisHarrison.Substack.com Online Publishing Platform.
  • Producing short videos and product recommendations through Facebook Live and at my YouTube Channel at Ask Lewis/LewisHarrison

Each of these portals serves different and diverse populations and I realized it was time to serve each of these unique groups in a more customized and personalized manner.

So if you enjoy these daily AskLewis blogs please continue to check them out at



I also hope that if you have skills or ideas to share in any of these areas or platforms that you will reach out to me and allow me to share your contributions with my peers, followers, and fans.

New and exciting changes are about to happen in the social network and on various educational platforms that I have been invited to be part of. I hope you will join me on this new and wonderful journey.

Lewis Harrison


If you are looking for tips, tools, techniques, strategies to help you to live your best possible life please join our information-packed FaceBook Self Improvement for Beginners Group. (Advanced folks are welcome too!)


Author: Lewis Harrison is a serial entrepreneur, writer, teacher, public speaker, and seminar leader. He focuses on problem-solving, self-improvement, personal development, and sharing love with the world. He has suffered from depression earlier in his life.

I have a bottomless passion for the application of game theory in decision-making. My game theory/business website is www.AskLewis.com

“I am always exploring trends, areas of interest, and solutions to build new stories upon. Again, if you have any ideas you would like me to write about just email me at LewisCoaches@gmail.com”.


Author: Lewis Harrison is a Collaborative Futurist, Results Coach, Mentor to Corporate Executives and Philanthropic Organization on Predictive analytics, Professional Problem-Solver, Game Theory/Strategist. He has a passion for self-improvement and personal growth



Let Me Become Your Personal Mentor.

Learn About My Structured Life Strategies Playbook Mentoring Course…

Get World Class Training in Becoming more effective, efficient, productive, self-aware, and happy.

If you have an interest in having a more mindful and meaningful life,  schedule an interview with me, and let’s explore together how the Life Strategies Playbook Mentoring Program. can transform your life.

Just e-mail me at LewisCoaches@gmail.com and schedule the time that works best for you.

If you are not ready to take this step, you can still get plenty of cost-free information on life strategies, lifehacking, and applied game theory by joining my 18,000 subscribers who read the  “Ask Lewis” newsletter and get a free copy of my Life Hacking White Paper.

I also invite you to read, my regular life strategy blogs and follow my posts and vlogs throughout the social network:

  • YouTube: The “Asklewis  Lewis Harrison” channel,
  • Facebook Fan pagehttps://www.facebook.com/AskLewis/
  • Game Theory FB Group and Forum: “Lewis Harrison’s Applied Game Theory” https://www.facebook.com/groups/602287903244843/
  • Self Improvement for Beginners FB Group and Forum: https://www.facebook.com/groups/455029215769173
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealUGuru
  • Substack articles:  https://lewisharrison.substack.com/
  • Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lewis-harrison-01601040/
  • Free Newsletter: https://exciting-mover-2586.ck.page/6a672cc4bf

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Thanks for allowing me to share my knowledge with you. If you want to contact me,  simply drop me an email at…



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