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All if the great spiritual teachers have had mentors and coaches even if it was the voice of God.Buddha, Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, Jesus, Mohammed and others.

There are many reasons why a person might seek a deeply contemplative or spiritual life. I have always appreciated the concept called the “pain of longing.” This is a pain that naturally arises from within – an indescribable hunger for something deeper. It reflects a profound need for connection to some inner source or truth which transcends ego and desire. One of the first inclinations one may have when experiencing discomfort is to become rigid and dogmatic, or the polar opposite – experience a sudden sense of freedom. With social freedom one may discard many of the rites, rules, and rituals automatically accepted in the past. It is easy for one to become psychologically and emotionally imbalanced, even devoured by the pain of longing. It actually has many similarities to romantic love. In my early days of mystic inquiry my teachers and mentors spoke of the essential law of “conservation and balance.” They spoke of the tools needed to remain focused while in this “ecstatic state.”



Conservation and balance’ refers to a harmonious place at the middle point of two polarities; Between macrocosm and microcosm; between resignation and surrender; and of course inner peace and the external world of action/interaction. It is as if there is a tug-of war going on between the wisdom that lies within and the dance of desire – how you engage the world. When you live in a state of ‘conservation and balance’, new and unexpected possibilities arise. Your un-focused mind suddenly becomes conscious of a previously un-thought of potential. This awareness often becomes a door to the deeper aspects of your journey on the Wisdom Path.

In its application in daily life, conservation and balance invokes discretion, foresight, forethought, new wisdom circumspection, the exercise of good judgment and common sense, an appreciation for caution, and an open doorway to kindness, compassion and love.

Can any of us really know love through logic? There are so many different types of love. How many ways can we speak of love?

In one sense, the pain of longing is a form of love – but the object of this love cannot be defined through the intellect or logic, nor can it be focused on a single person,creature, place or thing.





One can speak of a love of art, a dog, a house, or some type of food. Then there is interpersonal love, and the distinctions between the love that might exist between family members, friends, and sexually engaged lovers and even strangers who share a sexual experience and choose to call the act “making love.”

Many scientists believe that much of what we consider love is merely biological – a genetic/chemical influence at the core of our thoughts and feelings. In their perspective love is simply “sexual attraction and attachment.” Of course it all gets much deeper than that.

It may be foolish and a waste of time to attempt to define love. “Love” is what it is. One could say that at the deepest level – to experience intimacy, passion commitment, selfless sacrifice and detachment is to know love. To know love in this way is to be in the Wisdom Mind. Love is cultural, biological, social, psychological, and it is also spiritual. It cannot be named but is at the core of all that matters. It enables to offer selfless sacrifice.


 Love oh love so sweetly bestows,

A nameless truth in my heart it flows,

And along its path the rhythm shows, love

Come sweet seekers gently gather

Learn to love and trust each other,

It will bind your hearts together in, love


Spiritual Mentoring is a process where an individual helps others to experience a full connection to a sense of the divine and the experience of love, kindness, compassion, and generosity. It is not the same as being a clergywoman or man or a pastoral counselor effectiveness and achieve peak performance. A spiritual mentor can assist a person in creating a sense of meaning in their life and help with transitions in business life, personal life, as well as to guide them in specific processes related to the exploration of spirituality, and in the process of self-actualization.


Anyone looking to get to the next step in life will seek out a coach. Anyone in the world who wishes to find happiness and contentment would do well to find a coach or mentor.


Effective spiritual mentors come from a place of love, kindness and compassion: The spiritual mentors and coaches . They are quick thinking, passionate, and generous with a deep understanding of the long term consequences for certain types of choices. They are never dogmatic and never place the rites, rituals, ceremonies, houses of worship, creeds, or clergy about sharing “Love” with others.

Effective spiritual mentors know how to:

  • Ask the right questions. 
  • Listen to the client and only speak and when it is best to speak.
  • Empathize with your conflicts while maintaining professional and effective boundaries.
  • Refer you to another professional or a wise member of the clergy that can address your specific and specialized spiritual or religious needs.
  • Use strong critical thinking skills and are consciously respectful of religious and faith-based beliefs, age, gender, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and abilities of their clients.
  • Create a regular and consistent system for self-assessment and spiritual inquiry.
  • Create a system for building a strong personal ethical and spiritually based foundation.
  • Offer assistance in coming to an understanding of the nature of faith.
  • Support their clients and students in defining values, beliefs, and personal style.
  • Structuring a time frame and mentoring agreement within which to help their clients act on your goals.

It is only the most ordinary person, a person of limited vision, a person whose life is filled with unnecessary struggle and wants to keep it that way who believes he or she can achieve his or her goal and fulfill a vision without the guidance of a highly skilled, knowledgeable, and compassionate mentor, advisor or coach – Someone one who has “been there and, done that!”


The term “RealUGuru” does not imply that Lewis Harrison considers himself to be a teacher of “secret”. It is not about him…it is about you! Lewis’ passion is in helping others to get back in touch with their authentic self. He offers motivation, inspiration, information, influence, greater effectiveness, freedom, wealth, clarity, spiritual focus, better health, validation, networking resources, and expert advice. Mentoring and Coaching with Lewis can result in some or all of these things depending on your intention and commitment to the mentoring and coaching process.

 To get the most out of mentoring and coaching with Lewis you must be ready, willing, and able to take actions and experiment along the way.

 Spiritual Mentoring with Lewis Harrison the RealUGuru can assist you to discern:  

  • What is going on, and why?
  • Where are you developmentally?
  • What specific help, support or guidance is needed?

Lewis Harrison’s Approach to Mentoring is Unique for two key reasons:

  • A special synergy develops Lewis and his students and clients; thus they are more likely to do what it takes to reach their goals.
  • Lewis’ mentoring system is based on a proven process that helps his clients and students break out from old fears and trauma. Lewis offers a non-sectarian structure and empowering conversational approach.

 Who are Lewis’ Clients?

Anyone who has an interest in living a more authentically spiritual life. He is comfortable working with clients and students of many faiths and religious traditions including many within the clergy. He does not question any one’s faith and actually celebrates the link that certain formal religious practices can create for parishioner’s to a sense of the “Divine” within them.

Let Lewis guide you in creating your spiritual journey through:

  • Exploring options      
  • Finding the best tools and spiritual practices      
  • Resolving personal internal struggles   
  • Overcoming unexpected obstacles      
  • Making discoveries and insights  
  • Isolating the most profound traditions and practices within a specific tradition.  


“The mentoring we will do together will bring you the riches of your greatest dreams: Experience the life you’ve always wanted to live. Overcome procrastination. Delete obstacles. Stop flapping your wings and start soaring. Play more. Stop watching life from the sidelines and get in the game of love and spirituality.”

“Lewis amazing…. I recommend him to anyone who wants less stress and more energy.”
Jack Canfield, Co-author, The “Chicken Soup for the Soul “ books and star of the movie “The Secret”

“Your program was one of the first steps I took in the process of defining my interest in alternative medicine and for that I thank you. It has been over 19 years and I am continually amazed when I look back upon how easily and quickly one step has lead to the next. Thank-you for being there to assist in laying the foundations for all my future studies.”
Robee Fian L.Ac
Former President American Association of Oriental Medicine (AAOM)

“Lewis Harrison is a transformational mentor and coach, whose vision and wisdom provide viable roadmaps for his students-this skill is unparalleled anywhere!”
Valerie Leeds Entrepreneur and former Account Executive at AOL (America Online, Inc.)”

“If your serious about getting ahead don’t pass up a golden opportunity to change your life for the better. I’m still learning and making more money.”
Rudy Curry –   Tai Chi Master

Spiritual Mentoring Program Tuition*


Program #1 Spiritual Mentoring 30 Day Cycle

This Includes:

  • 10 email Newsletters
  • 4 x 20 minute mentoring session by phone between 9:00 am -9:00 pm
  • No monthly contract required


Program #2 Spiritual Mentoring 30 Day Cycle

This Includes:

  • 23 email Newsletters
  • 9 x 20 minute mentoring session by phone between 9:00 am -9:00 pm
  • No monthly contract required


Program #3 Spiritual Mentoring 30 Day Cycle

This Includes:

  • Unlimited Phone Coaching with Lewis Harrison 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • This includes 35 written newsletters
  • Autographed copies of Lewis’ International Best Selling Books
  • Book 1: “Introduction To The Wisdom Path”
  • Book 2: “Spiritual, Not Religious”
  • Book 3: “Tao Te Ching”
  • No monthly contract required


Program #4 Wealth & Success Mentoring 30 Day Cycle

This Includes:

  • Unlimited Phone Coaching with Lewis Harrison 7:30 AM – 10:00 PM
  • This includes 35 written wealth success newsletters
  • Autographed copies of Lewis’ International Best Selling Books
  • Book 1: “Introduction To The Wisdom Path”
  • Book 2: “Spiritual, Not Religious”
  • Book 3: “Tao Te Ching”
  • An opportunity to be a guest on a “Network” Radio Show (This is not blog radio or podcast)
  • No monthly contract required


NEW! Prepay for 3 months and receive an invitation to spend a weekend at the Harrison Success and Wealth Center in Stamford, NY – a $750 value-yours free.

  • Enjoy the peaceful & serene up-state New York
  • Top-notch cuisine and all with all meals included
  • Authentic Victorian-Era Mansion
  • Meditation Garden


* Note: All profit from these programs go to support Lewis’ work with the International Association of Healer Professionals, The Wisdom Path Community and the Maydolong Relief Fund


I can’t run your life for you nor can I tell you what to do. I am right most of the time but not ALL the time, I am both asking you and telling you (whichever you prefer):

“Don’t interpret any of my content anywhere online or in my books as some sort of promise or implication of your future earnings, heath improvements or spiritual enlightenment.”

Results always vary. People are complex, circumstances change and what may be so with one person, place or time may often not be so in for another person, place or time.

My results aren’t typical.

I’ve been writing, teaching, mentoring coaching, speaking, selling, collaborating, networking, studying and practicing for over 45 years as my life’s vision & purpose.

Also, the average person who buys any business building, natural healing, personal development course (or something similar) rarely reads or follows directions strictly and even when they think they are seldom gets any results at all. To understand why this happens one need only observe how the average person who buys home exercise equipment rarely ends up looking like the person in the commercials.

Here’s the bottom line:



On top of that, almost nothing ever works right the first time.

You’ve got to stick with it…

Think about this:

If any form of success – business, athletic, academic etc . was easy, everybody would be successful and rich.

If perfect health was easy, everybody would be healthy. There is no “instant chocolate pudding” here. There is no a “magic pill”, and there is no “magic” easy button you can press that will magically transform your life.

If you are looking for quick, dirty & easy and I’m not your guy and this is the wrong place. If that is what you are seeking and if that is your expectation I can assure you that you will have regrets later. Expect to be disappointed.

Come with an open heart and an open mind and together we can explore the very limits of human potential.


If you need help, please contact us here or simply visit RealUGuru.com. You can also call us via the support contact page.