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Train to Become a Professional Peak Performance, Wellness, or Life Coach at the International Association of Healing Professionals




We also offer Programs to Help Others Achieve Peak Performance, Success, and Personal Transformation



Let’s begin with a few questions…

  • Are you making a difference in the world?
  • Are you living your best life?
  • Are you fulfilling your dreams?
  • Are you financially independent? 

If you said “No”, or  “Not yet”, to any of the above you may a perfect candidate to enter a career as Peak Performance, Success, or  Life Coach


Our On-Line Certificate programs are second to none. Lewis Harrison as his associates through The International Association of Healing Professionals offers a unique, integrative and holistic approach to conquering fear, living your best life and guiding others to do the same.



What Makes A Person An Effective Coach?

Effective coaches are visionaries who help others to fulfill their dreams. The best Peak Performance, Success, Transformation, and Life Coaches are extraordinary individuals. They are quick thinking, passionate, and generous with a deep appreciation of delayed gratification.

Well trained coaches know how to:

  • Ask the right questions, listen and speak and when it is best to speak.
  • Empathize with the conflicts of their clients while maintaining professional and effective boundaries.
  • Refer a client to another professional with more appropriate skills if necessary.
  • Apply strong critical thinking skills and are consciously respectful of the religious and faith-based beliefs, and never make assumptions based on age, gender, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and abilities and of their clients.
  • Effective coaches have a history of their own failures and successes. They have a wealth of on how to make making the best choices out of many options. They have learned to effectively overcome a variety of obstacles.



IAHP Trained Coaches Are Particularly Effective Because They Offer Their Clients:

  • A regular and consistent system for self-assessment.
  • A system for building a strong personal foundation. A process for determining what you really want.
  • Assistance in setting believable, and achievable goals.
  • Support in defining your values, beliefs, and personal style.
  • Guidelines for developing an active game plan for all your current and long-term goals and dreams; including one enabling you to make more money – and keep it.
  • Assessment skills for measuring your personal progress.
  • A time frame and coaching agreement within which to act on your goals.
  • Helping you to reduce risk in the choices you make.


Why Is It Important To Have A Peak Performance, Success, or Life Coach?

Anyone looking to get to the next step in life will seek out a coach. Anyone in the world who is a success in his or her chosen field or in a specific area of interest started out being mentored or coached. This is true for everyone on every level of greatness.  Tiger Woods, Meryl Streep, Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell, Carlos Santana, Savion Glover, Josh Grobin, Nelson Mandela, the Rev. Dr. Martin, and John Lewis. Even now, when an individual is at the peak of their talents, these individuals are being coached, mentored or advised by others.


Stop and think for just a moment. Don’t:

  • Kings and Queens have Ministers,
  • Presidents and Prime Ministers, respectively have ministers and cabinets.
  • Great leaders have advisors.
  • Great athletes have both trainers and coaches.
  • The most successful financial investors have special advisors statisticians and mathematicians,
  • Artists have mentors,
  • Corporate executives have advisors.


The point is that if a person wishes to be more efficient, effective, precise, productive, and self-aware they will need some form of professional advisor to inspire, educate, and motivate? . There are no exceptions.


Would any of us want a pilot flying a plane you were a passenger on who was never trained properly?

Would any of us want to sit in a dental chair with a person who never studied dentistry?


Why do some people insist that “they are fine” and don’t require a mentor or a coach?

It is only the most common and ordinary thinker, a person of limited vision whose life is filled with unnecessary struggle and who wants to keep it that way who believes he or she can achieve life goals and fulfill a personal vision without the services of a professional advisor, mentor,  or coach.

Doctors, lawyers, school teachers, auto mechanics, and entrepreneurs can all benefit from the services of a Life Coach.

Research shows that those who do not have the guidance that a skilled coach offers, often fail at their endeavors more often those who receive guidance.



What Are The Benefits Of Coaching Others?

  • Offering support in taking the next step in their life,
  • Offering greater motivation, inspiration, information, influence, effectiveness, for a life of freedom, wealth, clarity, spiritual focus, better health, validation, networking resources, and expert advice.
  • Help them to define their needs and fulfill them.

To get the most out coaching a person must be ready, willing, and able to take actions and experiment along the way. You can be the person who prepares them for this. If they are ready, willing, and able  a well-trained Peak Performance, Transformational, Success or Life Coach like yourself can assist them to discern:

  • What is going on,and why?
  • Where are they are developmentally?
  • What specific help is needed?
  • What choices to make daily to bring their dreams, and goals into reality?


What Makes Lewis Harrison’s IAHP Professional Coach Certification Training So Unique?

Lewis was one of the original students of Thomas Leonard the founder of the modern Life Coaching movement. What the training offers is based on Lewis’ time with Thomas Leonard and Lewis’ half-century of study and exploration in Zen, Taoism, Talmudic commentaries, philosophy, psychotherapy, game-based thinking, personal growth, and human potential. His is a system of coaching that integrates the emotions, the body, and the spirit.

If you study the lives of visionaries, thought leaders, and game-changers throughout history you will immediately know that the expansion of greatness and the application of genius often takes place under the influence of a mentor, advisor, or coach and must approach all aspects of human potential.


Lewis’ system of Coaching gracefully integrates many theories and educational tools drawn from a diverse pool of resources. It is not one specific, dogmatic technique. It is, rather, a process that integrates many techniques into a unique template. It is a template that allows many different systems to work in unison without unnecessary tension and conflict.  One might define the IAHP coaching model as a “unified theory” for personal growth, and human potential.

This unique approach to Coaching brings the concept of greatness to the ordinary person who is seeking to become extraordinary.

The program is built on a process, of questions and answers based on a combination of traditional Zen, Taoist, Talmudic, and Socratic approaches to the teacher/student dialogue.


Are You Ready To Go To The Next Level?  Become A Peak Performance, Transformational, Success or Life Coach!

The material you will be learning in our program will have repercussions for many dimensions of your life. We encourage our students to think creatively, innovatively, intuitively and critically, so that they may understand classic wisdom. These four ways of thinking, more than any others, help define what makes a person a great coach. A coach who can help their clients to become more efficient, effective, productive, self-aware and successful!

Developing these coaching skills cannot happen in an environment limited to book learning, homework, and quizzes. Our faculty loves to motivate and inspire our coaching students to eliminate unnecessary struggles from their lives and achieve financial independence. The teaching/learning model we offer is the most direct route to achieving this result.


How Is Coaching Different From Psychotherapy?

The Coach Training at IAHP has nothing to do with psychotherapy. For the most part, psychiatry, psychology, and psychotherapy work at uncovering the psychological and emotional roots of various diagnosable disorders and issues in order to enable a patient to move forward. To be a mental health professional requires a license, a grasp of complex psychological theories, and an in-depth clinical background.  Unless specifically trained to do so even the best coach will lack the necessary skills to address these types of mental and emotional problems.

If the psychological arts and sciences, and coaching, have anything in common it is that the intention of both is to help the individual discover their own goals. There are, of course, many types of coaching, as there are many types of therapy and at times, they may move closely on parallel paths, as many things in life do.

What a competent transformational, peak performance, success, or life coach seeks to do is offer an opportunity for the client to take the next step with guidance and support. The best coaches offer many coaching options, ranging from short-term, results-oriented approaches to long-term, process-oriented mentoring – all designed to fill in the blanks for solving the puzzle for living a life of happiness, contentment, and meaning.



What Can Coaching Accomplish?

Coaching takes visions and dreams and makes them a reality by transforming:

Struggle to Ease

Procrastination to Action

Seduction to Attraction

Being Alone to Community

Delusion to Truth

Confusion to Clarity

Fear to Love

Knowledge to Wisdom

Scarcity to Abundance

Through Lewis’ tool chest of experience, advice, techniques, distinctions, and solutions, offered through the Coach Training, our graduates bring out the best in their clients.




Level #1 The Bronze Program- Basic Life Coach Training:  Created for those just starting out or who are on a limited budget this program includes a downloadable coaching manual, 52 coaching lessons, and a downloadable workbook.

Tuition: $997 (USD) Prepaid.


Level #2: The Gold Program – Peak Performance, and Success Coaching:

This program is designed for motivational speakers, for health and healing professionals and for those already in the “advice business.”

Learn strategies for isolating the four primary types of obstacles, techniques for accessing the best problem solving information, and tools for assisting clients to define their personal “vision” and increasing their efficiency, effectiveness, precision, productivity, and self-awareness.

Tuition: $4,997 if pre-paid

Payment plans begin at $197 (USD) per month.



Level #2: The Platinum Program – Transformational Coaching:

The Transformational Coaching program integrates Lewis’ work as a teacher of Eastern Thought and game-based thinking, and his practical philosophy presented in the book series The Teachings of Lewis Harrison, a multi-cultural, systematic approach to the creation of love, freedom and wealth.  Coaching students in this program receive everything available in the Level #2 program plus you will learn to master the Twenty-Two Core Resources for personal growth, transformation, and human potential including:


  • Time,
  • Physical Energy,
  • Space,
  • Information,
  • Influence,
  • Power,
  • Critical Thinking (Deductive, inductive, and abductive reasoning),
  • Emotional Balance,
  • Spiritual Focus,
  • Clarity of Thought,
  • Physical Wellness,
  • Dependability,
  • Personal Barter,
  • The Barterable Goods and Services of others,
  • Tools and Technology,
  • Cash,
  • The Capacity for Love,
  • Relationship,
  • Faith, Compassion,
  • Empathy, and kindness.
  • Appreciation of Beauty
  • Wisdom



Tuition: $10,000 if pre-paid

Payment plans begin at $977 per month.

Call 212-724-8782 for information.)


To apply for any of the programs contact Lewis at IAHP

At 212-724-8782






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