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Lewis the Lifehacker’s Tips and Courses for The Low-Cost Lifestyle


Tips for Intentional living, retirees,  simplicity and survival prepping


A life hack is an old concept refitted with a new name – it is a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way. When you get really skilled at it life hacking becomes a merging of systematic thrift, frugality merged, and futurism with time management, priority planning, and problem-solving.

I live in an abundant world built on thrift, regality, street smarts, and lifehacking. I gather and organize tried and tested approaches and solutions in dealing with the needs in my own life, and share this information with others. My goal is to save, money, save time and create a happier more purposeful life for myself and those who read my social media posts.

Whether I am researching, housekeeping hints, cooking/kitchen tips, money-saving ideas, shopping short-cuts, or action steps for preppers, survivalists, and or retirees you’ll find it all in my blogs, courses, and mentoring programs.

It is my experience that there are certain qualities that define virtually all human behavior. One of these qualities is to strategize ways to maximize our untapped potential, efficiency, effectiveness, precision, accuracy, and meaningfulness, and do so at the lowest possible physical, emotional and economic cost, especially when interacting with other people.


“Be smart enough to be different, be strong enough to stand alone, be wise enough to collaborate, be resilient enough to continue on, be creative enough to lifehack!”

                         Lewis Harrison


The life hacker, as well as the individual committed to simple intentional living, appreciates the power of barter, repair cafes, thrift stores, and collaborative thinking to live an affordable and purposeful life free of unnecessary struggle.


Author: Lewis Harrison is a life hacker, prepper, and futurist. He is the author of 3 books on life hacking and created the ultimate life hacker training The Life Strategies Playbook and Mentoring Method.


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Author: Lewis is a writer, teacher, and master results-oriented life coach. He is the author of over twenty books, numerous self-improvement, and personal development courses, and is the former host of a talk show on NPR Affiliated WIOX91.3 FM. He can be contacted at LewisCoaches@gmail.com


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