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 I’m a Life hacking, Prepper, and Survivalist…I also Have Life and Medical Insurance

Being prepared is not a flaw and it doesn’t make you a crazy, dystopian conspiracy theorist.

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“This newsletter serves a demographic of highly intelligent readers, and deep thinkers with a passion for ideas, critical thinking, strategic game theory, and a desire to understand the world around them. Readers of my posts are usually tired of being patronized elsewhere by fact-less, opinionated know-nothings, misinformation, conspiracy theories, and fake news.


This specific newsletter is part of a series that merges a number of compatible lifestyles – Lifehacking, preppers, intentional living, simplicity by choice, and applied game theory. A lifehack is an old concept refitted with a new name – a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way. Essentially it is a merging of systematic thrift and frugality merged with time management and priority planning.

“Knowledge is power, wisdom brings meaning, contentment, and happiness!”


On a personal note: Please excuse grammatical errors, typos, repetition, and any general nonsense, and such in this post. I am getting a bit older now, and I have about 20,000 pages of information that must get published before I leave the mortal coil. I simply write and publish more than my humble editors are able to correct. If you find enough errors you are welcome to contact me about being an editor of my work.

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A 3-minute read

Q. Lewis, I’ve started prepping and preparing for worst-case scenarios and some of my friends and neighbors think I’m a dystopian eccentric. What do you think?

A. Actually I think you’re a common-sense visionary. To be a prepper only means that you are prepared or making preparations, for shortages in essentials such as food, and medicine. It also means you know what to do when utilities such as heat, electricity, clean water, and security are not supplied to you.


Look, it certainly makes sense to buy medical, auto, and life insurance. Why not be prepared for the worst by getting life hacker and prepper skills, and then focus on the positive. At least you will be prepared.

Usually, skilled preppers are preparing to “Bug in” – staying indoors during civil unrest, natural disasters, etc.,

Some preppers are skilled in the use of weapons and may also stockpile ammunition. Some preppers focus on outdoor survival skills and self-sufficiency. I have some skills there as well. If you are planning on doing that, you need to get to rural areas and go off-grid.

I’m not stockpiling ammunition, other than Bear Spray for personal safety. I’m getting old, and have nothing anyone would want to steal anyway.

We remember Hurricane Katrina and the Covid Pandemic shortages of some foods and even toilet paper. Believe me, I am no conspiracy theorist and I don’t believe the world is coming to an end. Still, just as it is important to buy insurance there is wisdom in being prepared for shortages no matter what they might be and no matter what has caused them.   If recent world events—together with warnings for what may be ahead—have given you even a little of a wake-up call then it is time to put your common sense to work.

The rule is: Every household needs to have some amount of food in storage. Natural disasters like floods, blizzards, blackouts, hurricanes, and broken supply chains can come upon us with little notice, and unless you are smart, and fast, store shelves will be cleaned out of essentiasl before you have time to act in your own best self-interest.

Here are some guidelines to help you prepare for the worst.

  • Stock up on nutrition intensive non-perishable foods with long shelf lives. The type and amount of food to store is an individual decision that depends on your financial resources and storage area, but even if you live in a studio apartment it is easy to store enough food and water to last two people a month.
  • In the worst-case scenario what preppers call a SHTF (Shit Hit The Fan) scenario your best strategy is to have enough essentials stored to feed your family for six months. But start with shorter goals, and build from there.

The Takeaway

Begin buying and storing enough food for one week, then two weeks, then a month, and so on. This kind of basic, common sense incremental plan of buying and storing won’t bust your budget, make you panic, or send you into a buying frenzy that can easily lead to buyer’s remorse, and total burnout. When non-perishable items are on sale buy for your immediate need plus one or two for your stockpile. Make this a regular habit and you’ll shortly build a very impressive stockpile in no time.




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Author: Lewis Harrison is a life hacker, prepper, and futurist. He is the author of 3 books on life hacking and created the ultimate life hacker training The Life Strategies Playbook and Mentoring Method.


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Author: Lewis is a writer, teacher, and master results-oriented life coach. He is the author of over twenty books, numerous self-improvement, and personal development courses, and is the former host of a talk show on NPR Affiliated WIOX91.3 FM. He can be contacted at LewisCoaches@gmail.com


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