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Help! I’m Looking For Facts

If you find any get them to me as quickly as possible. I need to save the world!

I am a positive person. I am generally inspired and motivated. I meditate daily, do yoga, and live a spiritual life. I am even involved with philanthropy. I study Zen, read the Tao te Ching. It is facts (and intuition) that have gotten me here.

I have a bit of a challenge though. It seems that lately when I talk to people I generally like, it’s difficult to get facts from them. I’m not being negative here. It seems that they are all intuition and “gut feeling” but seem to be short of facts.

At a minimum, a fact is an occurrence in the material world.

The usual test for a statement of fact is verifiability — that is whether it can be demonstrated to correspond to experience. Most conspiracy theories and fake news can not pass this test.


Standard reference works are often used to check facts. Scientific facts are verified by repeatable careful observation or measurement by experiments or other means.

If you can’t think as a successful person might, then you will struggle unnecessarily. I was studying Gary Vanerchuck long before I knew about Medium. He really has an understanding of the facts, nuts, and bolts, that lead to success.

Evaluation is a systematic determination of a subject’s merit, meaning, worth, and significance, using criteria governed by a set of standards. It can assist an organization, program, design, project, or any other process or initiative to assess any aim, achievable concept/proposal, or any alternative, to help in decision-making. With strong evaluation skills, anyone can determine the degree of achievement or value in regard to the aim and objectives, and results of any such action that has been completed. With strong enough evaluation skills, we can even predict the actual impacts of proposals or specific results.

Why is all this important? Believe it or not, understanding facts can be a foundation for love, happiness, and meaningful life.


Once you become a skilled critical thinker, and fact gatherer you can then apply what you know to prosper in many ways. Below, Tim Deming describes 13 ways to change your life.

The primary purpose of evaluation, in addition to gaining insight into prior or existing processes, is to enable reflection and assist in the identification of, and prediction of future change.

Evaluation is essential to appraise subjects in a wide range of human enterprises, including the arts, criminal justice, media, government, health care, and anything that can serve an individual or group. In critical thinking, evaluation is often done step-by-step, and in the general activities of human life, it is done at the end of a period of time.

Here’s a short quiz,

Are facts always true?

How can we tell if something is Fake News or not?

What makes a fact a fact?

What is the difference between deductive and inductive reasoning?

What is the difference between causation and correlation?

If you need a bit more motivation and inspiration this short piece by Alex Mathers may offer just what you are looking for.

For the skilled critical thinker, success begins with small steps. Below Amardeep Parmar offers 20 realistic micro

Author: Lewis Harrison is an Independent Scholar, author, practical philosopher, and seminar leader. He is a creative artist and teaches creativity and innovative thinking to his coaching clients. He is the founder and senior teacher at the Wisdom Path Community, a spiritually-oriented life coaching social network-based Facebook group that focuses on the critical thinking spiritual journey rather than rites, rituals, ceremonies, or dogmatic practices. He is a practitioner and teacher of Transmodern Zen

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To be effective in creating content-rich stories you need solid critical thinking skills and great data. The article below by computer scientist and Facebook executive Julie Zhou will show you how to do both.

A Final Thought.

Humans are social animals. We all are seeking love, and also searching for ways to connect. This is so both n our personal and professional lives. For those who understand the role, commerce plays in how we connect it is important to understand what people find valuable today. In HAGT (Harrison’s Applied Game Theory) a sociological system for predicting how a person will choose one thing over another it is important to understand and how they decide what’s worth paying for. The Medium story below explore this issue in-depth.


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