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A Segment from my Novel – The Secrets of a Sacred Fixer


I believe we need to create and experience art in all forms to be truly whole. Below is a short and simple expression of my artistic and literary explorations. Please share yours with me.

Her Name Was Karen…

                                                                                        By Lewis Harrison


Karen was a woman of great passion, but was no fool for love. A  skilled influencer and a master in the art and science of “Sacred Fixing” she never confused affair of the heart with recreation. She knew that every day,  she made the world a better place, but was unknown, and liked it that way. To put it mildly, she stayed below the radar, remembering that one of her own mentors had been undone by his character and actions. She could easily have gone down and crashed with him.  They had crossed the line in their relationship early on and were so closely entwined that it bordered on the self-destructive.

What made her unique was the variety of her approach and her versatility. It was hard to tell whether she had a system, just adapted on the fly, or had a unique ability to preparedly deploy different strategies as needed. Whichever it was, she made it seem as if it was all spontaneity.

It might take a while, but if you observed her ways and her patterns it soon became clear that she never needed to use a brute force approach, or a strategy based on rigid thinking and stubbornness, to win the day. She had perfect timing and knew that simply changing one essential but hidden element in virtually any environment could get her the result she desired. “She referred to it as her Feng Shui, environmental psychology hack.”

At the end of her relationship with her mentor Hank, a retired black-ops operative in the CIA, she saw that he had few moral or ethical boundaries. Over time, they turned more and more against each other. This to the point of wanting to inflict as much pain as possible on each other. By this time she knew that she wanted to steer her actions into a place motivated by love, kindness, compassion, empathy, and self-awareness. Though it remained clear that their relationship was the most important one she had ever had and was likely to remain so, she also knew that she could not depend on him for guidance. He had always said, “to get things done in difficult environments the end always justifies the means.” Her gut sense was that this was just not so. In fact, she knew to the depths of her soul that if she embraced that point of view it was likely to lead her down a dark path from which there was likely to be no return…

Author: Lewis Harrison is a novelist, story-teller, collaborative predictive analytics-based Futurist, Results Mentor, Professional Problem-Solver, and Game Theory/Strategist. www.AskLewis.com




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